The Artist Plays Basketball

A text of mine called ‘The Artist Plays Basketball’ has been published in the current issue of Drain: Journal of Art and Culture. It is about both of my practices: art and basketball.

Both practices converge when I perform. My artwork became my own when I let athleticism guide some of my thinking around what it means to be an artist. To get you in the mood, here is a video of me shooting free throws at 5:30am.

A View From Above Performance in San Diego

Last week I performed a new version of my performance A View From Above at the San Diego Art Institute.

The performance is a very close inspection of the statistical and sexual mythologies of basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain. It is both a tribute and a skewering and its tone is one of earnest satire. It is the first lecture performance that I wrote, my first use of that form. It has been five years and it has gone through many changes, as I have too. At the encouragement of many people to drill down on the most essential parts of the performance, it has become more personal. In many ways, I found my voice through this piece. Many thanks to Angela Washko and Ginger Shulick Porcella for the opportunity to perform it once again.

a view from above performance SDAI

Letters From a Lost Weekend

Jamie Dimon made an appearance in VICE Magazine. Before the Nation Went Bankrupt is told in an 11 page spread, with images by Rose Cromwell. The action takes place over a weekend at the Federal Reserve and we called it Letters From A Lost Weekend.

Before The Nation Went Bankrupt in Two Acts

I performed Jamie Dimon: Before the Nation Went Bankrupt at the Sunview Lunchonette. The new version is two acts, the first is about the seminal weekend in September 2008 and the second catches us up to the flash crash on May 6 2010. Stay tuned for the third act, which will encompass Occupy, the London Whale and other financial shenanigans. Read  the full project summary.