Amnelysia offers you certainty in an uncertain world. That is of course, if you are a billionaire.

Amnelysia is a corporation offering ultra high networth individuals the security of a luxury bunker to last out an ecological collapse, a nuclear war or any man made or natural calamity. We are the broker of billionaire apocalypse bunkers.   

Amnelysia is a portmanteau of “amnesia” and “elysium” two ideas essential for the select few who will build up the world once again after it has been destroyed. This time, you can remake the world in your own image. But you will have to wait. In the meantime, you can create your very own elysium underground.

Everything that you desire is at your fingertips in this life. Why should that change in your bunker? You might be wondering where you can store that case of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, which you have been saving for such an occasion. Perhaps you could uncork a bottle of $24,000 wine, taking in the marvel of your 125 foot indoor waterfall as the the world descends into violent chaos spurred by an apocalyptic drought.

It all begins with your bunker. Our brokers are ready to satisfy any of your whims at a moment’s notice. Because after all, that is all we may have.

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