Before The Nation Went Bankrupt


Before The Nation Went Bankrupt, 2016, HD Video, 37 minutes

September 2008. The economy is in ruins, an unprecedented boom is over. The CEOs of the biggest banks have been summoned to the Federal Reserve, in lower Manhattan, for an entire weekend. Their task: to solve the world economy and to re-write the rules of finance. Not much is known about what happened that weekend at the Federal Reserve. Until now.

Before the Nation Went Bankrupt tells the story of the financial crisis through the fictional love letters of JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. The video is in part an alternative and more libidinal history of our current financial crisis, and an exploration of the metaphoric creep of the neoliberal ideology into all areas of life. Not quite fiction and not quite satire, the letters are a cry in the dark from an insular world that brought us all to the brink of financial, physical and moral ruin.