I Have Been Thinking About Our Economy

Workers Entering The Factory, JP Morgan Chase Headquarters, July 2015

I have been thinking about our economy. I have been thinking about our economy as a body. 

Our economy as a body with a circulation. Our economy as a body with a nervous system. Our economy as a body with a bone structure. Our economy as a body with skin. Our economy as a body with a face.

The face of our economy is blank. The economy stares back at us, empty. We cannot read the face of our economy because it is not a face at all.

The cells of the economic body are fooling themselves. The cells think they have some agency over the body. The body will eventually betray them.

This is the nature of bodies, to betray us. Unexpectedly. At the worst possible moment. We like to think our minds are more powerful than our body, but again, we are fooling ourselves.

Our body is us. Our body is our mind. We are the economy. The economy is us. 

Our bodies will always be a mystery to us. Our bodies will always surprise us. Our bodies are completely virtual and completely real.

We blame the cells when things go wrong, When the heart stops, the blood stops, the bones become brittle. We swell, clot, and metastasize. The body is a forsaken thing. Bodies are forgotten. The economy is a promise of a future, when we won’t have a body.

I have been thinking about my body. What is says about me. What I say about it. I have been thinking about the economy.