LIVE: Before The Nation Went Bankrupt


LIVE: Before The Nation Went Bankrupt, 2016, Live performance with media, 28 minutes

Jamie Dimon: Before the Nation Went Bankrupt is a 28 minute lecture performance that tells the story of the current financial crisis through the love letters of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. Taking place over one pivotal weekend in the current history of American finance (September 13-15, 2008), when the CEO’s of the biggest banks were called to the Federal Reserve to resolve the imminent collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers. The performance paints a radically different portrait of neoliberal capitalism than economists would: irrational, impulsive and blind. History has been written about this weekend and its aftermath. This is that same story told directly from the libido of America’s most famous banker. Conflating romantic love and finance, the letters are a cry in the dark from an insular world that brought us all to the brink of financial, physical and moral ruin.